Youth Ministry at Holy Family Parish

Nola Smith – Coordinator

Youth Ministry in the Holy Family Parish is thriving. We have over 150 children registered of which 80% regularly attend our activities.

Due to overwhelming attendance at Easter we split the Children’s Liturgy class into two – 2-7 year olds and over 8’s. The older class were combined with the Sacramental Reconciliation classes which ran during the 10am class. This was very successful.

Children's Liturgy Classes are held during the 8.30am and 10am Masses every Sunday. At the 10am Mass we facilitate two classes. The traditional class aimed toward younger children presents the Liturgy of the Word in a more simplistic way that a child can relate to. The Pre-Teens class closely follows the Order of the Mass and incorporates the prayers of the day. The Gospel of the day is read and is followed by an open discussion/explanation. The children attending are encouraged to be actively involved in the presentation of the class.

Catechism Classes are conducted during school hours at the Kensington Primary School and after school in the church grounds. Children attending these classes come from the various government primary schools in the area and the demand is increasing. We are always in need of more Catechists to meet this demand.

Sacramental Classes for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation are held on Sunday mornings and here again the demand is overwhelming. This year 15 children received their First Reconciliation, 15 children received their First Holy Communion and 14 young adults have been confirmed.

Pre-Teens Workshops are held 3-4 times during the year. These workshops are aimed toward children aged 8-12 years and cover various topics of interest to this age group. This year we have explored the topics "Knowing God" and "Friendship" through various activities including songs, games, open and directed discussions, films and of course the sharing of a meal. In November we will be conducting a Liturgical Music Workshop in preparation for the Children's Christmas Mass.

Children's Masses are held 4 times each year culminating in the wonderfully moving Christmas Vigil Mass. In these masses the children are involved in the presentation of the Liturgy of the Word sometimes even to the point of dramatising the Gospel. They provide a valuable learning experience for the children and enrich both their faith journey and that of the congregation at large.

Children's Christmas Party 2007 was held on Saturday 15th December. This year we combined with St Pius X Parish who have asked us to assist them in their efforts to cater for the youth of their parish. The party was held in the grounds of St Pius X Primary School and was attended by 98 children – we had 120 booked however the weather was against us!

World Youth Day is being eagerly awaited by 18 pilgrims from Holy Family, St Columba's and St Pius parishes. A face painting workshop was attended by almost a dozen pilgrims who learned how to face paint and then attended the Children's Christmas Party and put their new found talents to work.

Plans are being put in place to involve the WYD08 pilgrims representing the Holy Family Parish in the implementation and facilitation of a YCS youth group that is primarily directed toward the youth of our parish currently attending high school.

In 2008 we are very keen to foster the growth of our youth Ministry however we do need active and supportive parents to help us share the load. We are looking for leaders for the CL classes - at present the roster involves a stint once every six weeks. We also need volunteers to run the catering committee for the workshops we will run throughout the year. Anyone with enthusiasm in sending out a regular email or newsletter to keep families up to date with events in the Youth Ministry would be welcome. Administrative or organisational talent?? We need fundraising talent too!! Basically if you have any skills, or just plain old enthusiasm, we can use you!!

Sorry Song

When we say that we
are sorry God forgives.
When we say that we
are sorry God forgives.
If our sins are
large or small,
God will forgive them all.
When we say that we
are sorry God forgives.

(To the tune of When You’re Happy and You Know It)

Gospel Acclamation

Alleluia, allelulia,
praise the Lord,
Alleluia, allelulia,
praise the Lord.
As we listen
to the story,
let us praise him
for his glory,
Alleluia, allelulia,
praise the Lord

(To the tune of When You’re Happy and You Know It)


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